Traceability allows us to monitor and control the entire production process, so we can ensure high quality of our products. Our products are made exclusively from ingredients coming from the fields of Slavonia – from the grains we use to feed the autochthonous Slavonian pigs, reared on our own farms, to the most state-of-the art meat processing technology. High quality ingredients and timely processing of meat are key in creating the distinctive taste of products made from the Slavonian pig.

Our grains

On nearly 80,000 ha of arable land in Slavonia, in cooperation with our partners, we grow wheat, sugar beet, sunflower, corn, oilseed rape and barley, which are processed to feed our pigs. Feedstuffs, which we produce from high-quality cereals and oilseeds, are prerequisites for obtaining delicious pig meat. We like to say that we know literally every single grain eaten by our pigs.

100% Slavonian pig

The fresh meat used in the production of our products comes from pigs reared on Slavonian farms, where the Duroc and the Pfeiffer breed (Black Slavonian pig) are bred. All pigs are reared and fed within a radius of 90 km from the production plant, and their origin has been monitored throughout generations so that we can produce meat of unique flavour.

Cutting-edge technology

Meat preparation and production of durable meats take place in our four plants, with production capacity of 150,000 prosciuttos, 3,000 tonnes of cured salamis and 2,200 tonnes of other cured meats per year. All plants are equipped with cutting-edge technology, in accordance with the highest ecological and quality standards in the industry. This is confirmed by the numerous certificates we hold. We are especially proud of the IFS and BRC certificates, which are the prerequisites for successful global business nowadays.

Products made from Slavonian pig

Our products are produced exclusively from ingredients coming from animals reared on the fields of Slavonia. The products owe their freshness, juiciness and reddish colour to the period of ripening and spices. Their basic ingredient is salt from the Adriatic Sea, which is added in small quantities in order to achieve the fullness of flavour. The products are minimally processed and they have no added artificial colours, flavour enhancers or harmful additives or allergens, which makes them suitable for all consumer groups. Manufacturing process of our cured meats does not include the process of smoking, which means that Dobro products do not contain potentially carcinogenic substances generated during smoking.

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