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termos vaccum black

quality thermos

So what?

See what points should meet a well-made thermos.

air is the best insulator

Vacuum maintains the fluid temperature for a long time thanks to the vacuum between the walls made of the highest quality stainless steel. Thanks to it, the thermos can be used to store both hot and cold liquids. Regardless of whether freshly brewed tea or a very frozen isotonic drink is poured, the liquid spilled even after many hours will have a temperature close to the initial one.

stainless steel guarantees durability

Made of stainless steel covered from the outside with a black non-slip coating. It protects against accidental dropping of the thermos held in a glove or in a frozen hand.

All Esbit products are BPA free

BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a chemical from the phenol group that is used to make plastics. It produces, among others, bottles and food packaging. This substance can get into food and is harmful to human health, disrupting his hormonal balance and causing some types of cancer. We make sure that all products are BPA free for the health and safety of our customers.

simple solutions

are the best!

Check what makes Thermos
Vaccum Black stand out

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Two plugs  included

vaccum black

90 mm
270 mm








  • 537g
  • 270 mm
    Ø 90 mm
Initial fluid 98 °C
Ambient 20 ± 2 °C
After 6 hours ~ 85 °C
After 12 hours ~ 75 °C
After 24 hours ~ 60 °C

People who take on the toughest challenges also place the highest demands on their equipment.

That is why Esbit places the highest value on the quality of its products. Beginning in 1936, when we invented our first stove and solid fuel, we are constantly striving to provide you with a sense of confidence and security at all times. Our wide range of products for moving drinks and food will meet the expectations of even the most demanding outdoor enthusiast. We have been collecting experience for 75 years, improving existing products and developing new ones from scratch. Always thinking about being as efficient and cheap as possible. Their invaluable simplicity, reliability and durability are the main reasons why they are so popular among users, ranging from lovers of mountain hiking to fishing and hunting enthusiasts